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Product Service & Support

Our Aftermarket Programs team can resolve any service issue that may arise and provide you with any needed sustainment parts. We also offer equipment training to your employees on the proper operation / maintenance of your equipment onsite at your facility if desired. Having this direct one stop support from the OEM gives you peace of mind with your purchase and ensures your machine is always dependable and performing properly.


Parts Policy

  • ■ Guaranteed parts availability for a minimum of 10 years from the date of sale

  • ■ Expedient delivery

  • ■ Competitive prices

  • ■ Competitive warranty

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Man Lift training provides aerial lift operator training based on AWP program outlines, customized to your specific equipment needs. The training simplifies standards and regulations, and provides a flexible approach to both classroom and hands-on training for operators.

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On Site Safety & Compliance Audits

To ensure that the product you purchased is 100% compliant with the manufacturer’s certified and approved designs, we will schedule bi-annual or annual safety audits on your equipment. Upon completion of the audit we will provide written recertification by factory safety personnel and recertification labels for audited equipment.

Annual Recertification

Man Lift's explosion proof equipment meets compliance standards set by ANSI A92 for aerial work platforms and NFPA Class I, Div 1, Group D for hazardous duty equipment, which are governed by OSHA and certified by OSHA-approved NRTLs. Our EX designs are proprietary, featuring controlled and certified parts specific to each lift, and audited four times annually by an NRTL to ensure traceability of controlled parts and no unapproved design changes.

Any equipment modifications, the use of non-OEM parts, or failure to service the equipment properly can invalidate EX compliance at any time. While ANSI A92 6.4 covers the maintenance, inspection, and repair of aerial lifts in general, it does not address Class I, Div 1, Group D compliance, which is the equipment owner's responsibility to maintain.

An OEM (ML) technician should inspect the equipment annually to ensure compliance, as only they can ensure that no equipment modifications have been made. All EX-related components are within tolerance, certified and traceable service parts are being used, and specific service requirements are being met. The issue of compliance is also covered in the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management, Bulletin SHIB 02-16-2010, which addresses non-conforming products' identification and disposition.

Man Lift  is located in Cleveland County, North Carolina, just 50 minutes west from Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT).
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